About me, John Cairns

Briefly: I’m an old but published short story writer with a book made from an archived correspondence of which I’m author and only begetter also being published by Ki Publishing. The short story’s in Dadaoism (An Anthology) by Chomu Press. Translated poems are being published in a magazine. I’m bemused by three diverse products being published by three publishers and am having to regard this as a last throw in my last phase of life. If successful, ‘the book’, my magnum opus, and much else besides might be published on the back of it. Whoever publishes ‘the book’ will have to take care because certain arrangements of interleafing duologue, fixed in the format I was using, won’t maintain their proper relationship vis-a-vis each other in any other format because I didn’t know how to achieve that.


2 Responses to About me, John Cairns

  1. Congratulations on your publishing achievements! Please let us know when and where the books may be found and purchased.


    • CORRESPONDENCE is coming out shortly from KiPublishing. Verse translations of Baudelaire in Sacrum Regnum 2 but I obviously don’t have the details to give as yet for purchasing. The short story’s in Dadaoism (An Anthology) by Chomu Press and that is already published and available. Thank you, Darlene, for your interest.


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