Follow-up Letter to Jay Mistry

20th August 2015

Jay Mistry

Customer Advisor

8 Waldegrave Road

Teddington, Mx

TW11 8GT

Dear Jay Mistry

I told the Citizens Advisor you’d stopped the harassment.  One problem solved, for now.

He seized on 6b of the tenancy agreement but once he realised the cat was the responsibility of another tenant, that problem too was solved.  I said you already knew whose was the cat.  He said RHP was a big organisation and the brief may have been given to someone not au fait and that the cat was another tenant’s needed to be spelt out to you who did refer to cats instead of cat, window boxes instead of balcony boxes, referring to them as personal items as if they could be anywhere else but on a balcony outside and that there were six of them when there were five.

The problem of the balcony boxes remained.  I told him I’d thought to retrough the rosemary but prescience informed me that’d be a waste of money and to wait, the trough it was in secure enough.  I told him I was going through the motions without conviction.  We agreed now you had them you wouldn’t give them back, and had gone through blackmail before and extortion after.  There was nothing to be done about what was within your remit.  It is bad to remove the beauty of green plants outside his door from a seventy-seven year old man, worse to make out it’s for his good, worst to be doing it to him to protect yourself from liability to a negligible risk.  I may go through one more motion before leaving you to my unconscious will, so much better at contriving the means to get back at people who do me injury than I am.

Without restoring my entitlement to use the balcony to hang boxes from, there’s no point your returning them, and I don’t give in to extortion.

John Cairns

[He’d charge £25 each for the return of the balcony boxes he expropriated.]


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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