Continued Harassment

First the words of RHP’s letter to me from a new so-called customer advisor: ‘We had a report passed on to us that you may have left pieces of chicken in the communal area of Eton Street.  We weren’t there at the time so we don’t know what happened.  All we’d ask that if you did leave pieces of chicken in the communal area that you don’t do it again.  If it wasn’t you, please of course ignore this letter.  Or if you know who it was, please get in touch with us so we can investigate it further.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.’

Now, my reply on the 27th July, sent by second class post as was RHP’s letter:

‘Are you reneging on your agreement I feed cat and birds titbits in support of my stairwell intimidator and harasser?

Although advised to, I thought it too trivial an incident to take to the police, and the caretaker concurred with that decision – I thought I’d dealt with it anyway – but in the light of your letter I may have been mistaken: while your men were removing items, I was splashed by water from above as I was leaning over the balcony in a discussion with another neighbour, Diana Callender about the removals.  She didn’t hear what I said at the time but subsequently said she too was splashed.   It wasn’t by one of your men who didn’t have access to water and it was water.  Since it was on the back of my neck and not the left side of my face, it was done by the intimidator in a direction that would also hit Miss Callender.  I went upstairs to confirm the trajectory only to desist on seeing him brushing up.   Prior to that, on seeing me go out the back door he released the catch to impede my coming back in by it.

Unless you’re trying to prove you’re not racist by letting Mrs Cole continue to keep items that were stickered outside, shouldn’t you remove them like everybody else’s?

Yours sincerely, John Cairns’

The items being forcibly removed were all those outside that had been yellow stickered.  All had been but Diana was sitting on her garden chair and Mrs Cole took hers in saying she’d put them out again.  I should perhaps add on being splashed I said, “The cunt upstairs has just splashed me with water!”  ‘Cunt’ covered the workman as well as the leaseholder.  I’d wiped the smirk off their faces in my response to their saying they were just doing as ordered with, “That’s what they said in the concentration camps,” which the man I was addressing while wiping the smirk off the other man’s face found offensive, to the which I replied, “What you’re doing is offensive,” the removal of my balcony boxes, one of which I inherited on moving in thirty-three years ago.  He said I was racist.  “How racist?  I was likening you to a Nazi.”  Diana, overhearing me, likened him in her turn to the Gestapo.  It could’ve been he was the cunt upstairs taking his revenge or one of the others.  On seeing the cunt upstairs, I should add I emitted, “Yuch.”  Finally I should explain Mrs Cole is coal black.  PS  This will not be appearing on Jacyntha Crawley’s blog site since I’ve lost the link to it and she hasn’t given me it again.  Maybe that’s symbolic of the failure to publish CORRESPONDENCE.

I went to Citizens Advice today which said RHP was being tactful and I should have unemotionally stated I was taking its letter, however tactfully written, as part of the pattern of harassment by the complainer.


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I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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