Letter in reply to Richmond Housing’s request I move my balcony boxes back inside when they never were in.

6 June 2015

Ben Collins

Customer Advisor

RHP, 8 Waldegrave Road

Teddington, Mx

TW11 8GT

Dear Sir

I’ve already said if you want to move plant pots etc, you may and I don’t want them back.  It would however be invidious of you to move my balcony boxes while leaving those of others in place and a plant pot on the roof that is a potential health and safety hazard since above a path.

In my letter to R&T Times, I proved the reasons given for your removing plant pots specious, from the example of the one in the stairwell which had been cleared with respect to fire regulations by a fireman, with respect to cleaning by the caretaker and could not conceivably be a danger to anybody’s health and safety.  In that letter I also divulged, from what had been told to a new tenant when he moved in not to have flowers outside irrespective of where fire regulations would allow it, that you didn’t want tenants having flowers outside at all.  It’s officious, even despicable, but your prerogative as any judge would have to concede.

I can’t think in what way I’m a customer of yours; I’m a tenant.  It isn’t the safety of tenants that’s your top priority but the avoidance of the cost of litigation however unlikely the occasion.   That is demonstrable from your removal of the original railings from the stairwell here.  You are acting in what you perceive are your interests and not those of tenants or leaseholder.  It is not to assist anybody leaving the building during any conditions whatsoever.  We had one fire here, caused by an alcoholic smoker you tenanted, who stood outside on the balcony in its light watching its brightness.  If she’d been on the ground floor she’d’ve stood even farther back in no danger whatsoever from balcony boxes which fire regulations in any case have cleared.  The caretaker tested them for security.

These are not personal items nor balcony window boxes.  They are balcony boxes and have never been inside my home to be taken back in.  It is ridiculous to suggest otherwise as is evidenced by the fact no one else here has taken in theirs.  One of these boxes has been there for over thirty-three years, longer than I’ve been here as tenant.  I suggest you move them into the back garden   I leave that to you since at seventy-six I’m too old to be able to.

Yours sincerely


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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