Letter to David Done, Chief Executive of RHP on Plant Removal

David Done, CEO RHP

8 Waldegrave Rd


TW11 8GT

Dear David Done

The caretaker here at Eton St said he’d no difficulty cleaning with my plant on the sill and thinks plants make the place more homely.  He advised me to write to you.

On going out, I saw Jenna Gould, the CA for this area, had received my letter since the plants belonging to the leaseholder and Mrs Cole have been removed and repositioned outside the leaseholder’s door in contravention of fire regulations.

I trust you may ensure the like equal-handedness with respect to the removal of balcony planters, as the CA calls them, though mine are less for display than herbs to be used in healthy cooking.  If mine are to be removed on the grounds of health and safety, then everybody’s should.  I draw your attention to the hanging basket of Mrs Cole and especially to the pot Mr Patterson has on the roof ledge which overlooks the path.  There have been two occasions of falls onto the path from his area.  A balcony box of his also overlooks the path.  Since the path is used, it’d be a legitimate citing of health and safety to have these removed.

I hope you see I’m being accommodating despite the personal attack by your CA at the instigation of the leaseholder.  Mrs Cole, Mr Patterson and the leaseholder won’t too much mind the deprivation of their pitiful displays since my deprivation is much the greater.  I’ll miss the annual synchronised display of cactus flowers outside my kitchen window.  Besides they have their pots to tend in their gravel garden.

Yours sincerely

John Cairns

PS Friends are interested in taking the rosemary and cacti.  Only return these on removal.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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