Heathrow Runway

This letter was published in the local newspaper, the Richmond and Twickenham Times on Friday, December 12. I’ve changed the original draft to the editor’s paragraphing and spelling of ‘nimbys’ but kept my abbreviations of verbal constructions. ‘Airport should have its runway’ is his heading. Mine was ‘migrant voter’ The allusions are to the UKip candidate’s defining ‘migrant’ that wasn’t from any dictionary, to my local MP, Zac Goldsmith, to Cameron and to the concerted outcry against a third runway.

:’A migrant is anybody who moves to stay elsewhere, especially to another country, an emigrant on leaving, an immigrant arriving.

I’m not voting for a Tweedledum who defines words to suit himself. I’m not voting for a personification of the rich and privileged either whose party has been making only the rich richer; and whose leader resorted to the emotional blackmail of an adolescent, threatening to cut off Britain’s nose to spite its face if he doesn’t get what he wants from the rest of Europe.

You’d think that’d make it easier but it doesn’t.

Heathrow should have its third runway, not in its interests but for the good of the country as a whole and despite the bleating of the local Nimbys in whose backyard it is and has been for some considerable time.

No candidate will say so since a sure way to lose. Any who does has my vote, though not if he or she is against fracking because I’m for that too, as a means to improve our plummeting productivity. Any takers? No?

I always vote. I like voting. It amuses me to have an infinitesimally small political power along with everybody else.

I’ll do what I usually do. Decide at the last moment who to cross. It’s going to be especially difficult next time deciding which evil politician is the lesser.’


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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