Piece o’ Piss

I went to pee. I could hear who sounded like Leslie, an ex-neighbour, on the balcony outside talking, so was noiseless in the dark but suspected he was for all that aware I was there. On the way back I realised the people he’d been talking to outside were now inside the flat, wondering how they’d got in since the door was shut, probably insecurely since it hadn’t been forced. I ordered them to, “Get out!” and they went, one from the bathroom too I hadn’t seen. A girl from the kitchen made the excuse she be let stay because pregnant. I disdained the excuse, Out! She was heavily pregnant I did notice as she manoeuvred the gap between door and jamb. I thought they’d all gone but surprisingly from my room a young man was behind me. He was quite good-looking, not beautiful but of Rich’s type I like: clean-shaven, long dark hair, dark eyes, etc and affable. “Do you want a coffee?” He wouldn’t because she’d wonder why he stayed. The girl’d be his partner and the child his.

All the bedclothes were on the floor! even the under-sheet, while still attached by the foot of the bare mattress. How did that happen! However, I was going to remake the bed when he clasped me from behind. “I must look a sight, in the middle of the night, and old.” ‘Old’ covered all lack of attraction and he’d already seen what patently wasn’t the criterion for him, who was being affectionately playful, so I let that I wasn’t go, really enjoying the physicality of his enfolding arms and that he was bigger, taller. We were on the floor, I on top, still back to his front, no erection discernible; but he did have to go and was going, I seeing him out, hoping but not expecting he’d choose to come again on his own. I went to pee.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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