In This Lull

If Bob hadn’t hated me, I might’ve back-pedalled on the grounds my unconscious will might be behind his underhandedness etc. After all, when Bob came down to ask what colour I’d chosen for the handrail and was disappointed it was the one painted, my man (my unconscious will) did interrupt my furious thinking how to get out of choosing the same as bad-taste Bob, with ‘He hadn’t’. He, Tina, Ian hadn’t chosen. Tough. Theirs was still a decision against me because I had chosen and they colluded in getting rid of that, aggravating the offence in Bob and Tina’s case by their harassment on the stairs.

Now Diana’s joined them by abusing me as she never had before. I’m divesting myself of my neighbours. It’s not just the neighbours though, is it? I’m divesting myself of the writing group as well, again with very little choice in the matter since I was deposed. I’m not at fault, can’t be blamed and am not responsible, yet there’s a pattern of divesting to do with me that can only be put down to me and that’s why I think my unconscious will’s involved, not just in ensuring Bob didn’t have a choice but behind everything that has entailed my divesting myself of lumber useless to me. I’m supposing it’s to do with the publication I’m in this lull before.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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