I started wearing the blue, white-edged jacket John gave me he probably stole. At the last writers group meeting John Elliott asked if a piece of paper was mine. It was one I put shopping notes on. During the session I noticed my wallet on the floor. It must’ve fallen out of the jacket’s shallow pocket.

I discovered the jacket had deep inside pockets and secured the wallet there when I went to the bank for £20 to buy John’s postal order. I bought the order, putting it in with the wallet, but on my way to the library noticed my wallet on the ground. It must’ve fallen out of even the deep pocket where the order still securely was. Had I leant deeply over? I pushed it in more securely.

When I returned home, I found I’d lost my wallet! I hadn’t been near enough anybody for it to have been picked. I retraced my steps, even asking in the post office, for the moment forgetting I’d had it afterwards. I checked again at home. On my way to the bank I discovered the inside pocket had a hole in it. I was no longer bothered about having lost the wallet because there was nothing I could’ve done to avoid its loss. Actually the pocket had two holes in it separated by where the flap was attached to the jacket. It was not obviously holed.

My actions to avoid loss, as were indicated by the presentiments, had brought about the wallet’s ineluctable fate, not that it put up much of a struggle; it hasn’t even been handed in to the police.

I blamed John. “I knew I’d get the blame.” In mitigation he said, “At least you know I never used that jacket for shop-lifting.”


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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3 Responses to Fate

  1. wolfruediger says:

    When the email arrived and in the heading was the word FATE, I had to come and take a look. I just finished my book and the title is: “Force of Fate, Letters to Oma” If you have some time, I invite you to my blog to see a bid of me and the book. At my birth my Oma had a premonition that my “Fate: in life was to be totally opposite of those born in my countries war torn future. You see in my little town we were almost to the man, jewelers. Well, even the women were such because adult men were hard to come by, Hitler made sure of that. The night I was born, my grandmother having witnessed my birth, scaled the steps from the basement to the attic, opened the attic window, which was intended for the chimney sweep not stargazers. As she watched the aircraft drop their deadly load, she decided that this scenerio before her was a sign of my future, my FATE. As I grew up she would remeind me about this on a daily basis. Little did she know that her vision was larger than anyone could imagine. My first book is about this venture. Again, I would like to ask you to stop by and read my blog and please give me your opinion, your thoughts. It would mean the whole world to me.
    Thank you.
    Rudi Fischer
    ps. By the way I love your story about the wallet, I do believe what happened was fate. Yet so many people will try to debunk it as a mere coincidence.



    • I was about to delete when by your PS I realised you had read the blog, which made me grin and approve your comment. I read recently a book on Hitler’s Empire that brought home the horror. The Germans got everything they deserved at that war’s ending.


      • Rudi Fischer says:

        One of the many freedoms I fought for while employed by this country is the freedom of thought and opinion. Your last sentence send chills through me. You see the average American knows very little about my Vaterland and its people. Most of them believe everything they read. I was born in a town of 28,000 people and about 10% were Jewish. I can proudly say that after the war we still had the same Jewish community minus those who died of old age or hunger famines brought about by the constant bombing of our fields and houses. I am not bitter about what happened. After all the Nazis started the mess and we did not stand up enough to change the course of history. In our household we were not thaught the word “hate” nor were there ever conversations about the Holocaust. My Oma and Opa were part of a resistance that moved the Jewish community from house to house so they were never discovered by the Nazi. I realize the purpose of this was selve centered. First of all the only industry in our little town back and then and now was precious stones and jewelry. Secondly the Jewish men in our town were the butchers, bakers and small store owners. What would we have done without them. So they protected them. No regrets in doing so. My Opa dis-associated himself from his own son because he became pat=rt of the SA, not the SS but the SA, thye same people President Reagan laid a wreath at the Bittburg Cemetary. The SA were the Special Forces of Germany, no direct affiliation with the Nazis.
        Having said all this, I hope you stopped by my Blog and read a little of my story and perhaps we can teach each other.


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