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I’ve been too busy to blog. Two things came up had to be dealt with: Janet Rooney’s objection to The (new) Writers’ Group’s use of the community college as was advised by the college; and Georgina, the layout designer of CORRESPONDENCE, who wanted plates, a disclaimer and to substitute her cover design for the extant one which was repellent and unfitting.

Several emails passed between me and Janet who runs a creative writing course and was fearful of the competition and therefore self-important, officious and aggressive. I restrained myself and politely answered her queries and countered her objection which crystallised onto my putting up a notice on an available board with bluetac I asked college receptionists for. I’d implicit permission to use the board as well as explicit permission I did not cite to use the canteen for our meetings. It may have been less than tactful to point out we weren’t running a class in writing but were writers. I cited what we’d had published and what we were about to have published. That put-down must’ve infuriated.

She offered to give me a contact no to hire a room. I’d already done this. It was the hirer I didn’t say who’d advised free use of the canteen! Janet threatened to remove all notices ie the one I’d put up to which none but she had replied. With that I asked Janet if it wasn’t a community college and which was the board for community use, ending that I’d be sending copies of our email correspondence to the local paper, local councillors and anybody I’d the addresses of I thought might be interested. I did not tell her to fuck off but she did.

Georgina applied to me because she wasn’t getting much of a response from publisher and editor and I have facilitated things between her and the publisher in the past. I had to say though that I’d no idea what a disclaimer was since CORRESPONDENCE isn’t fictional, that the editor would have the plates (I subsequently found out I did have since all they are are scans renamed and it was I who’d sent the scans to the editor) and that any decision on cover design was the publisher’s. I asked might I forward her design and did so.

The editor was a plate short (of a picnic) but I’ve sent the scan she thought was missing and several others because I suspect we conflated two virtually identical plates to make room for one of handwriting.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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