Last Langton’s Meeting of the Writers’ Group

I anticipated there’d be something about the keys.

Kevin was unwontedly early and with a corkscrew. John was there as usual. Jan unwontedly came. We sat around talking for a bit about where we’d meet next time, at Jacqui’s, and that we could subsequently in a concession at the Richmond Adult and Community College at Parkshot though we couldn’t take our own drink there and would have to leave by quarter to ten. John toyed with the idea of not participating in future.

I started with reading out a bit from ‘the book’ dealing with paradox. Kevin and John ganged up as usual. I don’t like counterattacking John though I shouldn’t’ve let him away with contending my writing repetitive without asking him for substantiation. Jan liked a piece of dialogue she was imputing to Johnny when it was Mum’s. They’re representative of ordinary readers who would find difficulty with ‘the book’ as I think ordinary readers would.

Kevin read the last chapter of his comic Irish saga John disparaged as cartoonish though Kevin himself said, if he could draw, he’d make it manga. His characterisation is secondary to his rollicking style. Jan didn’t have anything to read. I encouraged her to expatiate on the difficulties of her life caring for several disabled relatives while John was happily getting inebriated. He had written something out of the ordinary about his childhood memory and its lack.

I read out John the Prison’s poems, insisting on reading out them all over John and Kevin’s protests but with Jan’s compliance.

At half eleven and on leaving John said Chris, of Langton’s, said to remind me not to forget to leave the keys. I refused. “I paid for them.” Kevin drove me home.

I’m indifferent whether the group goes on or not but provisionally it’s starting from scratch with us four and Jacqui.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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