Quentin sent me a review which mentioned me, my story, in his, Chomu’s Dadaoism (An Anthology)and also defined Daoism. I was pleased I’d inadvertently met the requirements of both Daoism and Dadaism. It also pleased me to be mentioned.

Knowing my predilection, he sent me another review: which had an unexpected emotional impact going way beyond being pleased. I have another emotion I call my love feeling which is triggered by my thinking well of something or somebody as if my heart’s according with my head. It’s like a star burst. My response to the rave review wasn’t that but more a flood of my upper body that then subsided. I was reading through it but taking in what I read as much unconsciously, thus the emotion, than intellectually. I was being provided in that review with something better than a mention on which to sell myself.

I hadn’t much computer time left in the library but in the two minutes left emailed the review to my brother who was as usual unresponsive. Leaving, I told my friend Fiona at the outside door. She’s not interested. I told Sam and took his email address to send him the review link. He’s not buying the book. I told Jason who said self-promotion needed persistence. At home I started a letter to John in prison in order that he should be one of the first to know. I needed to tell people to get over the emotion by seeing it out usefully. Once it was gone I realised the only thing interested me was my writing and that I wasn’t interested in anybody or anything else though the interest I generally take in other people and things wasn’t affected. I couldn’t go on with the letter; John and his concerns didn’t interest me. I couldn’t go out again because I wasn’t interested in telling anybody about the review either. I stayed in, reading about the nature of history and watching television. I largely stayed in next day too.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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