The last day for Diana to pay her fine was sunny. I’d left it to her but arranged day before to see her at eleven. She’d tried to pay it but had come a cropper over which court division her case came under. Given the money, I’d’ve taken the fast train to Clapham Junction and paid off the fine but Diana was insisting on going with me which entailed her paying for a cab there and back at the minimal cost of £41.30 to pay off an £85 fine. My arguments were unavailing.

I was late. She wasn’t in. I did a tour about, not finding her. Trying again, I found her in. She’d gone out for a sandwich. Since she was eating, I would have lunch. Diana clung to prevent me doing this; she would never see me again. I’d be back. I was at the coffee stage of lunch when she appeared at the door, crying police. I couldn’t see any and was finishing my coffee when she reappeared. She phoned for a cab. I suggested she ask the cabbie to wait since neither of us had a mobile phone to conjure up another and the fine-paying wouldn’t take long. I asked him myself without going into any explanation why we wouldn’t take long and he asked what the postcode there was since he didn’t know how to get there.

We got there. There were the usual delays for fags. It was as well Diana had come. The listings officer gave me an envelope to put the money in and on the back one of the pieces of information required was her date of birth I wouldn’t have on me. Diana filled in the required information including the case reference no I read out to her since she hadn’t brought her magnifying glass.

Then I worked the fine deposit machine. A slot opened and I slipped the envelope in. Diana had a fag. And that is hopefully the end of that unless she misbehaves in the next year and a half. Chances are fifty-fifty.

She’s received a letter saying she hasn’t paid and collections are after her. She replied with photocopy of her receipt. She received another letter insisting she hasn’t paid. Since she can appeal to the court I’ve advised she contact her solicitor, as she has done.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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