An Interesting Case

Yesterday I was shaking with anger at a letter from John in prison. He ‘proved’ I hadn’t sent him money as asked, though he’d already thanked me for it as a godsend, and on this hook he hung abandonment – if only! – and a tirade in which he also ‘proved’ I’d betrayed him – if only! – in order to clear the way for pursuit of Yvann, a jealous fantasy he continually reverts to. If… not in a million years. I dispatched a card saying I had a receipt for the postal order and would write a letter once I’d calmed.

I gave details of the receipt. I wasn’t sure I should address the rest of his emotional splurge, hanging, as splurges so often do, on a mistaken hook, in this case that of my not having sent what I had. It would seem he wanted me to have abandoned him as everybody else had – and no wonder! I could never bring myself to do it, not even when he was giving me ostensible cause, as now, because, whatever else it is, and there is more to it than this, it’s a job I’m usually well-equipped to do of straightening someone out to mitigate whatever’s psychologically twisting him – an interesting case in other words.

Enough of that. Diana came up with a rioja, red pepper and amaretti in thanks for my help in going for her benefit. She told me Tina, had been on the board sitting in judgment on another neighbour, Yvann at his eviction hearing. I trust somebody at the hearing raised objection. Tina is one of the three complainers against Yvann and Connor, whose probation has been extended. She’d said to me there were too many louts here, showing prejudice. “Yes,” I’d answered in ignorance of her spying for the landlord, “thieves, Bob and Rodger,” one of whom or both had stolen Diana’s cat bowls. Her use by the landlord as judge would help explain why Rodger, an admitted member of the English Defence League who put his stuffed ape in my bin, for all he’s Scotch, would suck up to Sierra Leonian Tina in order to further his animosity towards Yvann he erroneously takes to be Muslim because his mother is and also, like John, believes is my friend.

Now I’m no longer harbouring a criminal, I can afford to remount my high horse with authorities. I wasn’t entirely gagged by John’s stay but …preoccupied.

I checked with Yvann about Tina’s being at his hearing. He said not. Diana said he had told her she was. Probably. Yvann’s words have to be sieved for truth, if one can be bothered.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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