Support for Evictees

Yvann asked for support with Olivia, our liaison officer at RHP; he was being evicted. She knew I supported him, I said; and he couldn’t find the letter from her that’d inform me of the grounds, and didn’t show me it subsequently either. He seemed more concerned with his new hackit-faced girlfriend who’s asked him for marriage and he’s going to give it to her as well as giving it to her. There’s no point going beyond the expression on my face at this news. He’s twenty-three. She affects to be thirty-two but I’m hardly at seventy-three with a fifty year old boyfriend in a position to finger the age gap.

Shortly a neighbour, Leslie, said Connor, upstairs, was being evicted and wanted support from those who weren’t against him as the three ready complainers were and he, Leslie, would sign any letter I should write. I said Connor would have to ask me directly.

I didn’t wait. I told Diana, downstairs, and she was willing to support but back-pedalled, saying she would read my letter. She did and wanted nothing to do with it even after I asked what she wanted omitted. She’s in trouble with police and courts and doesn’t want any more trouble. I was a bit narked.

Leslie didn’t like the letter I’d written either but the first three paragraphs were okay, so I tore off the rest and gave it to Connor, who we saw and summoned to us, in case there was anything in it he could use with his housing officer. Connor was most impressed by the complaint he’d strewn tampons on the garden. “At least you’re not homosexual,” I said since one of the parts of the letter torn off was a remark by one complainer to another, ‘There are too may druggies and homosexuals here. We must do something about it,’ directed my boyfriend visiting Yvann thought directed at him. I also emailed Connor two blogs of two incidents that might help.

The upstairs neighbour, Ian, who asked me to break in by climbing through the upper bathroom window, has given support separately.

As well as posting the letter, I’ve emailed RHP via its website it’s coming.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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