Chomu sent a contract to be signed prior to publishing ‘Instance….’, my proactive short story, in its Dadaoist [sic] Anthology. A small part of it, to do with my relationship with Betty Clark subsequent to the letters, is in CORRESPONDENCE. Neither ‘Instance….’ nor CORRESPONDENCE is as yet published but I wasn’t sure the contract with Chomu would cover the oddity. I asked by email before signing.

At the Chomu book launch in Limehouse, I asked in person and was told no problem, simple as that. I’d include the contract here, always assuming I could get it to here from the stick, but it’s long and possibly of little interest to anybody other than as an example of a publisher’s contract.

I took John to the book launch which he much enjoyed. We’ve since been to his solicitor I didn’t meet who told him he shouldn’t give himself up to the police who’d press further charges but to the prison itself. Afterwards he had a photo taken of himself in wig and gown by another solicitor. “I hope,” he said, “Scotland Yard don’t see this. I was drunk.” “That is acceptable excuse in any court of the land,” I said.

John’s giving up the idea of living with me because the police have now made a connection between us and he doesn’t want to get me into trouble, but he hasn’t given up on finding a job and other bolthole. He’s also talking of giving himself up after Xmas, by which time he should be free of drug addiction.

He’s also written a letter to his probation officer, as advised by his solicitor, to ease the comeback of any such surrender.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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