John Bullied

That I’m bullying him is John’s continual refrain, for all I point out he’s confusing it with nagging. He worked the DVD recorder for himself but forgot to switch it off after he was done. This is an easy mistake to make. I mentioned he had made it. When he made it again I called on him in the kitchen to come see what he had to do. He was washing up his beer glass. For some reason this blew up into an incident. He claimed to have chosen to wash up the glass before finally switching off the recorder which made no sense to me, further claiming if he hadn’t I’d’ve moaned about that instead of the not-switching off of the recorder. He then went to the bog and stayed there. I finished a book of Aelian’s Animals and would’ve gone to bed except I needed to pee. He was sitting in the dark and, as I peed, claimed I’d been getting at him from the moment he came in. I listened to this and at the end remarked, “Baloney! And you were sitting in the dark because of that?”

When he came to bed he bumped me aggressively. “What!” He claimed only to be going to bed and ordered me to snuggle up to him, “I love you despite the row.” “It wasn’t a row. You have an emotional syndrome you’ve been bullied since ten you’re trying to fit me into,” to make out he’s the victim whereas I’m the one he’s imposed himself on and if he now thinks he can impose his watching football on me without the mute on when I hate football and all sport, except Andy Murray’s playing, he’ll be taking a step too far. I may have said as much. If he wants that, he can find a job to pay for a place to do it in and stop living at my expense in my flat.

I was not inthe best of tempers. John mollified me and I reprised what the plan was on the basis of the premiss of his decision that’d work, at this stage, his following up on work and acquiring a bolthole other than mine.

There are more ways than one of being bullied, some being silence eg I’ve heard nothing about the publishing of CORRESPONDENCE for ages. I haven’t harried the publisher about it. I think she’s got herself into a fix she can’t fix but I don’t know there’s anything I can do to help her. Day before I was rejected as – Facebook – friend by the cover designer, I think. Who can be sure? Today I couldn’t get into my blogs on the publisher’s site. I’ll ask her by email what’s going on. Does it come under the term bullying she hasn’t told me already?


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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