Diana and Leslie’s Ex

Diana told me she’d been harassed by an ex-girlfriend of Leslie’s other than Gina three times in town along the lines: ‘Leslie says you’re dying, you’ll be dead soon.’ Since Leslie had said as much to me, it was likely he had said as much to somebody else who was using it to be nasty. Diana snubbed Leslie because of it without saying why. I asked permission to tell him. He subsequently denied he had any such ex-girlfriend. She called him a liar.

I overheard Diana outside her door talking to the police, saying she shouldn’t’ve called them. She’d left her keys inside. From above I asked was there a window open and with Yvann went down. Either of us could’ve got through the window and opened the door. It was a simple solution Diana wouldn’t permit because what she wanted was attention which she’d already had, from Rodger too, and now from us, later from Tina. It was annoying and Yvann and I were about to go down and break in regardless when a locksmith arrived from the landlord. “He’s too fat to get in by the window,” I observed.

Next night she was up at my door: the harassing ex-girlfriend had been at her window Diana’d closed and cut herself on. It was too improbable, too like her usual fantasy of Adrian Glover, for me to believe. Diana stormed off on my disbelief. I went downstairs anyway to check. She didn’t answer my knock. The secure gate was open but there was nothing untoward otherwise outside and nobody about.

Later I was buzzed by a girl claiming an emergency and wanting to be let in for Leslie’s. “Is that you, Gina? I can’t let you in. He’s not allowed to see you,” because charged with common assault against her. She wanted to return a bracelet. “Put it down. Go away, and I’ll pick it up.” She didn’t go. A police car came and two police talked to her. John was panicking, threatening to jump over the balcony. “Not like that, you’re not,” in his underpants. “You’d be picked up.” He dressed. I wasn’t fashed. Leslie appeared at my kitchen window where I was washing up. I told him not to go downstairs, to leave it to the police and go back to bed. Gina was taken off bag and baggage in the car. John undressed. “Job and bolt-hole, job and bolt-hole,” I remarked. “This is not the time for that,” he replied. “It is the time to rub it in, then forget it.”

This morning I saw Diana who said the ex-girlfriend had wanted to be let in to Leslie’s and was better looking than the one had harassed her but she’d put that down to make-up. The probability is it’d been Gina at Diana’s window.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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