Jigsaw Pieces Too

John turned up but sex was coitus interruptus, at least for me, by Leslie’s eldritch shouting at half-twelve or quarter to one and raging pursuit of his erstwhile girlfriend, Gina, who gave as good as she got in the stairwell before leaving. Leslie was either phoning afterwards or talking to some guy who was there. At 2:13 by the digital clock I saw policemen pass the kitchen window and who looked like Yvann turning away as if after showing the police where to go.

In the morning Tina came to the open door to ask about what she’d missed and to show me spots of blood in the stairwell.

I subsequently poked my head through the bathroom window to greet Olivia and companion at Leslie’s who asked about the incident about which I knew little and would tell Bob, upstairs, as much. I deduce he’d called her in.

Yvann was up, accusing me of being a grass, having overheard his name when I was telling Olivia. He confirmed he’d been there when the police arrived but would truculently give nothing more.

Two policemen passed to Leslie’s and must’ve entered in order to take away things in a bag. The glass panel of his door was boarded over.

Leslie, in jail whites, asked to be let in the outer door. The lock on his own door had been changed. He asked if the police could do that. It would have to be the landlord I thought. He had an abrasion but was being charged without countercharging. The blood was his and the guy’s. Yvann wasn’t a witness but had come up after. Gina had broken the door panel with her ring in a dramatic gesture. Leslie hoped Gina and the guy would drop their charges. It seemed more like they’d called the police than that Bob had though we wouldn’t put it passed him to have.

Leslie’s charged with GBH because of the blood and a fracture to Micky (or Mickey) Walsh’s head which may have been caused by an earlier incident he’d been involved in. Gina had actually gone back upstairs to smash Leslie’s door panel.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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