First Piece: I heard footsteps on the stairs. When I opened the curtain, there was a police van parked outside. I assumed the footsteps were police, not for Yvann who’s out the back but for Connor upstairs. By the time I got back from making tea the van was drawing away without my having seen anybody being put in it.

Second: Yvann said at quarter to eight, Diana, Rodger, who live either side of him downstairs, and Bob, who lives above me, were all out. Connor’s friend…. “Wait till I think, wait till I think.” I waited while he tried to remember what the friend said: “‘I don’t …care. I don’t give a damn.'” ‘Damn’ was unlikely. The friend was at Connor’s. And there were three girls outside. Rodger had called the police. No-one was taken away in the van.

Third: Diana said the three girls were hookers she told to go away. They were abusive.

Fourth: Ian, who lives upstairs other side Bob, said Bob had called the police. He surmised the girls had been at a rave and were shouting up at Connor’s to be let in for somewhere to stay because they weren’t ready to go home yet.

Fifth: Leslie said the friend was kicking in Connor’s door. At that time of the morning he could’ve let himself in by the Tradesman’s button. The friend peed over the balcony, instead of down a near drain, onto Rodger’s flower – actually a former tenant Mary’s hydrangea I believe but Rodger has taken that part of the garden to himself, the flower along with it, so, okay, Rodger’s flower – and, when Rodger remonstrated with him, said in all probability he didn’t give a fuck whereupon Rodger would have called in the police proprietorially, in protection of his flower from a golden shower. Diana meanwhile and wielding a bread knife was telling the girls to fuck off. They counterabused with something along the lines of ‘you old bat’ or, more likely, ‘bag’, or toothless old hag, since Diana is without teeth, whereupon Diana either called the abusing girl a bitch or claimed to be a witch. Leslie couldn’t be sure since he was nonparticipating and merely observing from a discreet distance and was imagining what Diana would look like at that time of the morning.

Sixth would be Connor’s piece I haven’t acquired yet.

Connor didn’t know what I was talking about. He hadn’t been there.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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