Kick in the Head and the Sandie Bradshaw Meet

My great nephew said he was shit and when I went to reassure him he wasn’t he’d unfriended me on Facebook, unable to reconcile me with Warrington boys. Not being able to reach him did ny head in and the feeling didn’t lift until Yvann came up to spend the afternoon with me. It was long but unremarkable except I bought him a packet of tobacco since his mum wouldn’t be forthcoming with money till next day. He hadn’t asked me to. He’s supposedly ADHD and Asperger’s but I hardly think so. I also fed him and made a takeaway for him of what was left on his plate. He went off to get dope and I was able to finish putting in order my cds of next week’s Radio 3 music for this week’s listening, prerecord a film coming up on BBC 2 and wash up before leaving for the Writers’ Group with a screw top I couldn’t open but knew John wouldn’t rest until we did, loosening the top with a knife.

After the usual bit of gossip, we thought nobody else was coming, that it’d be only the two of us as once before. Jan arrived. I asked how her practice as a medium had gone. She’d been told she was the best on the platform. She was restarting her book on her spiritualist journey. John groaned. That, I pointed out, was her syndrome and to get on and finish the damn thing – before going over it again – and as John had advised. I read a passage from ‘the book’. Jan said it’d held her interest but she was confused who was talking at first. John agreed. I admitted, since it was a continuum of dialogue from a reading before, I hadn’t myself immediately realised which of the two characters was talking first.

Jan read John’s contribution from his book, Human Pages. One character was encountering another who wanted to stay in the present character he’d hired from a company who sold these alternate lives. I wanted to know since he was called a sticky ie a customer who’d bought several consecutively where his money came from to pay for them.

This was all very pleasant if somewhat desultory. John talked of a failure in proof-reading his book, Dying to Read, by his publisher. I’m good at proof-reading but hadn’t been asked. I talked of the hiatus with respect to the publishing of my book, CORRESPONDENCE.

I mentioned Sandie’s proffering a card to pay for a cup of tea that though she always instigated our going for a tea she never paid for it, in this instance not having any money. “You’re paying for a cup of tea with a card!” I derided, paying for hers and mine. I should’ve let her. This prompted Jan to give examples from her vaster experience of Sandie, the best being Sandie’s giving a statement tothe police as witness to a car accident in which she claimed the driver was speeding. Jan had pointed out nobody would be driving fast at the junction where the accident had occurred and Sandie realised she’d imagined it. “She’s dangerous,” Jan claimed. Jan had accompanied Sandie to the police station where she withdrew her statement.

Matt was standing across the road, reading the signs, he said. There’s always a conscious explanation for an unconsciously motivated action, his waiting for me to see him. He’s still not had sex, still concerned whether he’s gay or not, and I tried to address this as we walked along till he veered off to the lending library.


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I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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