Letter to Local Papers on Recycling Ban

I was housed by the council because vulnerable and am now old as well.  I’ve been forbidden by the landlord to feed titbits to a cat and birds in the garden though I’ve done this as long as I remember and, as the landlord admits, it has never been challenged.  Nor had the compost heap I made. 

I made that because the landlord wouldn’t give our block a waste bin for health and safety reasons.  We have steps.  The binmen might have injured themselves and the landlord be held liable.  The council made bureaucratic difficulties about our having blue and black boxes but finally let us have them.  It was too much for me to go about extracting a green box for food waste as well.  The compost heap was better since it could accommodate all organic and not just food waste.  It worked too.  Very low maintenance and producing the rich black organic constituent of earth miraculously.  It has been removed in bad faith.  The landlord has reneged on its promise to provide a compost bin instead.  I may have been ordered not to make a compost heap if that’s covered by my being ‘asked’ not to dispose of food waste. 

The grounds for ordering me not to do things it condoned are the usual when authority wants unquestioned compliance with its diktat: health and safety.  There was a cat I avoided feeding because it shat all over the place and though the landlord did nothing about this at the time and has been told the cat is dead, its faeces are summoned up to substantiate the ban on feeding cats, and birds, and having a compost heap, all uses inappropriate to a garden, as apparently are buddleia which bees and butterflies like, because they were axed when the garden was ‘improved’ and the back washing green become a ‘lawn’.  I’m told to bin everything.  I’d got my necessary waste down to less than half a bin a week but must comply.  To compel submission the landlord would have to threaten eviction and I’m not young any more.  One way or another my remaining spirit will be broken. 

There’s no point using the landlord’s complaints procedure.  We tenants took it to the ombudsman over the stair rails which were replaced anyway and the ombudsman hasn’t even deigned to give us his verdict which would be supportive of the landlord’s fait accompli, made on health and safety grounds.  Authorities support authorities.  A judge would uphold my eviction.    No question; I must comply.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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