No Love Letter This Week

The card said ‘I WONT SEND A LETTER THIS WEEK!! COZ YOU SAID I AM WRITING TOO MUCH.  What I said was four cards in a week was excessive.  Four cards in a week is excessive.  I didn’t say the love letter was though it probably is in content.  His was an excuse but for what?  As you know I’m not a picky, pernickety, pedantic person but I wasn’t going to let this pass.  Was his love diminishing, etc?  I liked getting his reflective thoughts I wouldn’t otherwise know about if he didn’t write me his love letters.  I skipped the love bits.  The cards are usually a mantra though the latest was different.  He’d be late, tracking down viagra and I could get a back-up from the doctor if I wanted.  

He arrived early, beaming at me, interrupting my gmail reply to Quentin, and I asked why no letter.  I didn’t belabour the subject but did revert to it until much later he said he’d been too tired to write one.  ‘Why not say that?  It’s perfectly acceptable.’  He didn’t want to be disagreeable.  ‘So you lied instead?’  He protested it wasn’t a lie.   It was, though I understood lying was a social lubricant.  I want to get rid of his lying unnecessarily.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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