CORRESPONDENCE: Plates and authorship

The editor’s the one to insert plates, made from scanned pages of poems and letters, to make clear at a glance their arrangement on the original page that I couldn’t replicate myself by computer and that no amount of explicatory words could make clear.  The editor wanted an agreed final text before inserting the plates.  In trust I cleared from the text material the plates would make redundant and much improve upon.  I was also to send the text I was finalising to somebody who would be doing the layout for the book with instructions to make sure she correlated plates with items in the text, the implication being it’d be her and not the editor who’d be inserting the plates.  She, however, was asking where were the plates.  This is the sort of problem the publisher sorts out.  I’ve told her of it. 

I’ve also told her of another problem.  The editor seems to think Joan Ure’s the author of CORRESPONDENCE because ‘Joan Ure’ was the pseudonym for publication back in the sixties and seventies of Betty Clark whose writing constitutes large part of the book.  Since these writngs were letters to me under her own name, in which she also included what she thought worth publishing under her other name, the writing is by Betty, not Joan Ure.  It’s Betty then who’d have to be the author of the book, except she can’t be.  She’s dead.  

She may have in some way anticipated that I’d one day make a book of our correspondence.  Certainly she gave me back my letters,  otherwise I wouldn’t have, with hers, a correspondence to make a book from.  And when she returned her letters she’d taken from me in exchange for mine, I did then have a correspondence.  She also, in a covering letter, said her letters were more mine than hers and couldn’t herself make use of them, the implication being she was trusting me to find a way to put them to good use, which could only be in a book, but that book had yet to be envisaged and made, and couldn’t be of all the correspondence which was vast.  I’m the author and sole author of that book.  I’m also co-writer of it.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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