WG February

The meeting was fine, as usual, but only one bottle of wine and a mere bit got through.  John’s having another book possibly published by Chomu.  Mine has cleared a hurdle with the editor’s decision to insert cross-referenced plates to show poetic arrangements on the page at a glance.  Jacqui’s near finalising her second book for submission to the publisher of her first.  I continued reading of events in different times strung on the spatial continuum of the walk past the works, gooseberry bush, over the arch of the bridge to the big red tip and field beyond from ‘the book’.  Jacqui read two scenes of flirtatious parrying between here two heroines unresolved but intruded on by another scene involving another character’s power play which Catherine and I for different reasons found awkward. She then read John’s meandering through different perspectives, none necessarily true, on a minor character from the second highly regarded book he may be having published.  Catherine read another story based in a care home with perhaps insufficient involvement of other characters or incidents off-centre to provide irony, humour and enriching interplay.  There was much intermittent gossip of my prison lover and Jacqui’s failure to pass a foreign country’s driving test viz ours.  John managed to keep off punctuation of his book by his meticulous proof-reader, Quentin, until we were done and I’d closed up.  Even so I was back in time for a cocoa and late-night Shameless.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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