WG meeting Jan

Zarina, a newbie, came in while I was reading. Kevin missed the reading altogether, being late as usual, but took away a copy.  It involved Johnny’s getting his friend to solve the problem of how girls differed from boys since he hadn’t before been able to observe their peeing; his theory was it was a hole as distinct from a tube and his theory was confirmed in practice by her peeing in front of him.  Veenay’s phone didn’t immediately come up with what he wanted to read, his hero’s stream of imaginings while working out a problem, so Jacqui read the second part of the first chapter of her second and political novel in which a senator couldn’t get out of admitting her insane brother thought he was Jesus. Catherine, a newbie, wouldn’t read out of turn so Veenay got his.  Hers was a short story of an entertainer barely controlling a bunch of oldies in a home. Jan hadn’t brought anything but herself.  She’s supportive of my writing, not that I need any support and am getting careless of others’ reactions.  John is less critical now he’s being published himself and I’m not the threat I posed but he thought the children portayed in my extract from ‘the book’ were older than five and six.  I mentioned prepubertal sex at that age and Zarina agreed, shutting John up.  John’s reading was done by Jacqui because John can’t see to read and was a long piece on… something that bored me.  Kevin asked was it deliberately hypnotic.  Apparently not.  Kevin read about a fight between prole Canadians and a posh Englishman who was friendly to the like German when they were all POWS in Ireland.  It finished just after eleven with only two and a half of the five wine bottles drunk but John detained me with talk of his friend’s being too old to visit her pen pal on death row in America, a spiel that occurred because I’d told him of the fling’s return on day release from prison.  I wondered if it was then too late for a bus home.  Fortunately not.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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