The New Year

Kate surprisingly arrived Hogmanay to tell me about the time to go to her cousin, Barbara’s and Kevin’s, to bring in the new year.  We went back to her place to pick up John Anscomb, her partner and with him drink the Taittinger I was taking along with whisky that Kate thought wasted on Barbara but not on her, obviously.  We spent over five hours with Barbara and Kevin, who got out of bed for us, but I don’t remember much except Barbara tried to poison me with glutenous food and doesn’t know she has an unconscious but does believe, along with Kate, in a subconscious which doesn’t exist. 

We left after three for a train home but the trains were all going the wrong way round to Waterloo, so we walked and waited for a bus, the 33, which got me into Richmond after four.  One light was on.  I took my unopened bottle up to Connor’s whose friends were leaving.  They apprised Connor of a neighbour and I handed over bottle and its top in return for a hug.  

Next day I cooked steak pie to be eaten by me, Kate and John and didn’t get out once.  This isn’t interesting.  What maybe is is my Ki publishing books blog account has been suspended.  I’ve asked the publisher why but it’s probably the last attempted entry there which contained the words, cock and fuck, words that invalidated it.  That may have put paid to the book’s being published.


About johnbrucecairns

I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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