Do you know how long it took me to get here? 

The letter on behalf of all the tenants to the housing ombudsman is done and posted, the last step in the procedure of complaint which is farcical since designed to reconcile the complainer with the authority, in this case the landlord, and not for the complaint in any other way to be met.  We had a decision we all accepted at stage 2 which the landlord reneged on.  We were forced to go on to stage 3 or we couldn’t appeal against its subsequent decision to go ahead with permanent work on our stair rails and not remove the temporary netting (that’s been there almost a year) till then.  Before we had a decision at stage 3 we were told the work would begin.  I pointed out it would be in contravention of the stage 2 decision not to do it.  It was delayed.  The stage 3 decision to do it came on the 21st, saying the work will begin on the 18th – not ‘will have begun’ but ‘will’ – as predetermined.  We had to go along with this farce because there could be no appeal against the stage 3 decision without it.  No sooner was it made than work began, yesterday, inserting prison bars.  The spaciousness of our railings was its fault in the eyes of a landlord afraid of liability should some child get its head stuck.  How?  I suspect the work began after the stage 3 decision to give some semblance of legitimacy while possibly forestalling any appeal or, on appeal, by the fait accompli disinclining the ombudsman from finding against the landlord as if he would.  Others have objected and got nowhere with him I’ve been told.  The appeal’s pro forma without so stating.  

I’ve been spared the trauma of having to connect the new tuner since the old came on at the flick of the switch.  The revision of INSTANCE…. was completed and emailed to Quentin, much good may that do.  And Matt, aftermatt…. 

Haven’t seen him.  It’s fizzled out.  The only thing I can hark back to as probable cause was my denial of controlling him when, clutching the socks I was buying him to his chest he asked, “Are you possessing me?”  With socks?  I didn’t reply, ‘would it be better if we were lovers first?’  To me possession is primarily spiritual eg when he took me in his arms and I felt for the first time the pleasure of submission.  I must thank him for that.  He was my man ie my man was in him by leave of his and his woman I should think.  That’s spiritual possession to the end of his physically at least possessing me.  Maybe something along these lines was what he was referring to but I wasn’t myself possessing him in any way I understood when he asked.  Anyway, one has to go with how one dealt with it at the time and take the consequences.


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I'm a retired history teacher who's written for most of his life with a book readied for publication.
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